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About me


Leticia was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1985. From the very beginning she has shown an interest in art. When she saw the famous Picasso painting “El Guernica” at her grandparent’s home it was at that moment when she realized she wanted to be an artist. She spent many years experimenting with different techniques and developed her own original style. She worked many countless hours and had a lot of sleepless nights perfecting her craft. She was completely self-taught at this point.

Her artistic curiosity led her to the art school EASD in Valencia, Spain in 2005 to study sculpture. It was at this school where she learned to use different materials such as: wood, stone, metal, and clay. She fell in love with that city and it inspired her to use many vibrant colors in her paintings.

After she finished school Leticia decided that she wanted to focus exclusively on painting because she felt more comfortable with it. In the last 5 years she has had her work featured in many exhibitions,won a few awards, attended conventions, has painted many custom portraits for clients, wall murals, and wedding cards.

Leticia has been teaching art to kids in a very entertaining way. She has a real knack for dealing with small children and hopes that they can enjoy painting as much as she does.

Leticia has recently moved to Toronto, Canada and is continuing to paint and develop her original style. This change is making her evolve as an artist.